Something About Me

  I was born in 1952. I have been a fulltime pipemaker since 1978. In 

  school my primary   interest was in painting. I also had the urge to create

  things for wich I had a daily need, using my own ideas. For example, I 

  designed and made all my own clothes and furniture. So it only made

  sense that I should want to make my own pipes!



My first real professional passion was for architecture. I studied architecture in Graz and worked professionally for a couple of years. It was at this time that I started to carve my own pipes, just for my personal fun and use. My first pipes were principally sculptures- "art objects" which one could also smoke.

Please look "my very first pipes" to see my very first pipes.

In 1977(?), during a stay in Basel, I met a gallery owner who encouraged me to exhibit some of my pipes. I wasn't sure if I could ever hope to have success with this kind of work, but life taught me an interesting lesson. From then on I decided to turn my hobby into my living. It was a good decision. Architecture was 10% work and 90% fighting. Now I spend 10% of my time on administration and 90% of my time on the real work.

Everything I know about pipemaking I had to learn by myself.

Right from the start, sales for these "art objects" were good. But when I met the women who was to later become my wife, and we wanted to have children, it was clear that I had to sell more pipes, so I began making classical shapes too. But I always held fast to the idea that these "classical" pipes were not just going to be pastiche replicas of shapes from a bygone era. Instead, just like the rest of my work, they were to be well developed, refined examples of pipe making art, each one expressing its own unmistakable style.

At this time I also started to do service and restoration jobs for pipesmokers all around Austria. I did whatever was necessary to repair a pipe and make it smokeable again. For many years I even held the exclusive Dunhill repair contract for all of Austria.

In 2000 I stopped repairing pipes in order to focus exclusively on my own original work. It is work that I love, and fortunately, no one can force me to retire.

Thank you for spending some time on my website!


Description of "CU":
The C represents Casper, my son, and the U for Una, my daugther. My children are my greatest treasures and donate their intials for my finest creations.